Security that enables collaboration – now there’s an idea

As much as we may not like to talk about it, half of the major threats to the security of our corporate data come from the inside. That doesn’t mean that our employees are malicious — insider risk can surface in numerous ways: user errors and accidents, lost or stolen devices, even hardware failures — … Continue reading Security that enables collaboration – now there’s an idea

Debunking Data Loss Prevention

It’s all about the data. Ultimately, people are looking for solutions to their security challenges. They are looking for the technologies that will help them manage their security posture and answer fundamental questions about data: Where is my data? Who has access to my data? How can I monitor when data is leaving my network? … Continue reading Debunking Data Loss Prevention

Buyer Enablement

Buyer enablement is rooted in one simple principle:  Always know where your buyers are in their journey so you arm them with the information they need so they can move forward.   Buyer Enablement is broken up into 4 phases: Phase 1:  Problem Identification Phase 2: Solution Exploration Phase 3: Requirements Building Phase 4:  Supplier Selection … Continue reading Buyer Enablement