My idea locker.

Since I started blogging for the companies I worked for, I’ve always thought about setting up a personal blog.

So, I thought and thought. Started and stopped and started again.  I was constantly analyzing and over analyzing trying to come up with some crazy creative idea for a blog that would interest people, capture their attention, and propel me into some sort of realm of thought leadership. I was over thinking what I wanted my blog to be.

I was allowing analysis to get in the way of my personal goals.  I wasn’t looking to share what interests me, I was looking to become something I wasn’t. Maybe it was the over thinking . Maybe self-analysis actually paved the way to coming to the conclusion that what inspires me – what fuels my mind –  is the very stuff I should be blogging about.

And myndfuel was born.

Myndfuel is free-for-all mind dump of notable discoveries on product, marketing and leadership I find, use, experience, or learn everyday. I only hope you find, use, experience or learn something new from me.

A little about me.