From Product Marketing to Portfolio Marketing – it’s all about the buyer

I’m a big believer in “Portfolio Marketing.”  Granted, it’s not the most widely used term to describe what is commonly referred to as Product Marketing, but it’s much more than that.  Over the past 3 years, I have been building a team of experts driven by one single mission:

To know the buyer more than anyone else in order to drive demand for our company, products and services. 

I thought I would share what took 2+ years to put together and the method to our Portfolio Marketing madness:



 Target Market & Marketing Analytics
This person is the expert on our target market and our target buyer personas. They’re responsible for mapping our buyers journey and defining the best path to reach our buyers. Marketing and sales should lean on this person for insights and best practices on how to reach our target market and target buyer and deliver buyer enablement through each campaign, program, tactic and content.

Voice of Customer
This person is our customer expert. Never has customer advisory and advocacy been so critical to buyer enablement because we know that buyers rely heavily on their peers when making buying decisions. They’re the go to expert on how we best leverage our customers’ voice to engage with our buyer to accelerate their journey to selection. Lean on this person for customer insights when planning your campaigns, programs, and tactics as well as the customer logos, stories, case studies, references, speakers, and quotes that will give brand and demand efforts the peer teeth they need to win over the buyer.

Market & Competitive Intelligence
This person is a fanatical market and competitive analyst.  No one knows more about the market and competitive landscape than this person. They are your go to expert on the market players and our competitive positioning both technically and economically. They play an instrumental role as a partner to sales providing competitive ROI and TCO analysis aimed to move opportunities to wins. Lean on this person to help build market  expertise, validate competitive positioning and messaging, and build challenger POVs, and competitive campaigns, programs, and content.

Product Story
This person is the product marketing lead crafting everything from product, platform and services positioning & messaging to creating the over-arching product story aligned to our target market and buyers’ needs. Marketing and sales should lean on this person for the over-arching product story, launch strategy and the positioning and messaging and content essential to delivering compelling brand and demand campaigns, programs and tactics.

 Market Development
This person focuses on market development aimed at expanding market reach through analyst relations, tech alliances & integrations, and the channel. This person works closely with Channel Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Corporate Marketing.  Lean on this person for analyst quotes and endorsements, partner strategy and planning, channel enablement, and the positioning, messaging, and content needed to leverage an ecosystem of partners to drive awareness and interest in the company.

Campaign Strategy
This person creates a ton of synergy in Portfolio Marketing, extending market, product, buyer and customer research into campaign strategies and plans.  They’re driven by target buyer engagement and conversion rates across marketing programs online and offline – identifying and advising on the optimal marketing mix. Lean on this person to arm you with the campaign strategy, story and content needed to increase the odds of success for both brand and demand programs and tactics.