Mind the gaps in determining content quality over quantity

When it comes to creating content, we always hear quality “over” quantity, but I often ask myself how much “over?”
Thinking about what content we create, when we publish it, where we publish it, to whom the content is targeted, why we created it in the first place, and how it will be measured, I’ve come to the conclusion that we are creating enough, but is it of the best quality?  Is it simple to consume? Does it cater to the audience’s consumption preferences?
Obviously, we are creating a ton of content, but how effective is it?
  • What:  Content that enables the target audience to better interact with the content and thus the publisher.
  • When: The fact that we are producing content with consistency is a good thing.  What is glaring is the thought that each piece is published once and at a single point in time. Sharing it only once limits it true potential.
  • Where: The obvious gap here, with the exception of social, is that the content tends to lives in one place.  Find the places where the buyer hangs out and start repurposing content into other formats that meet the buyer’s needs.
  • Whom:  Maybe this segment is simply too broad.  How can we further segment this audience to create content of better quality, and geared to a specific group of buyers – dare I say your ideal customer profile?
  • Why:  Although we are addressing each stage of the buying process, should we be doing more to drive decision?  Dive in deeper to your ideal customer profile and personae to understand what will drive conversion from one buying stage to another.
  • How:  How can we do a better job of linking conversion rate optimized content to the sales cycle?  Marketing metrics like views, comments, shares, etc. are nice, but do they communicate the ultimate goal of content marketing, and that is to create sales opportunities.
.What additional gaps do you see in this plan?