What has the information age done to gut instinct?

Is there such a thing as too much information, too much data?

At what point does data get in the way of actually accomplishing anything of significance in a short amount of time?  Have we already reached that point? Just when you think technology and the enormous amount of data available is supposed to make things easier, faster, more efficient, is it actually slowing us down?

What is the point of all this data anyway?

Well, it supposed to help businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, politicians, scientists, teachers…make better decisions. Decisions to create a new product, launch a new company, invest in a start-up, cast a certain vote, deliver a new solution, or provide the tools to succeed in life.  Is data accomplishing any of this? Or does it come down simply to human ability and passion for what we believe in?

In many cases, we seek data that supports our contention over data that refutes it. It’s human nature. For many of us, it’s hard to admit when we are wrong, and we end up making decisions that may not be the best. So data can work both ways. Just when you thought the plan was fool-proof, the data steered you wrong.

What ever happened to “go with your gut” ? It worked for thousands of years, and we lost a lot of it based on the information age in which we live.  We make decisions based largely on what we learn from data…what our “friends” say, what “experts” say, sometimes even what “teachers” say, and if what they all say is based on the wrong data, we are screwed.

Go with your gut…do what you believe is right, and you’ll never lose.  If anything, you’ll create your own data source to improve all by yourself.

Live and learn.