Content is a company’s digital memoir

Remember when the About Us page was all there was to learn about a company?

Today, how do we learn everything we need to know about a company? We search like a bunch of Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a mystery.

I have been writing  a lot about content marketing and the importance of content with respect to the buying process, influence, scalability, distribution, metrics, and more.   What I have not touched on, but is as equally important is brand.

The one thing a company should never overlook is the fact that the web is in effect the company’s digital memoirs, but not only in the eyes of the company (autobiographical) but in the eyes of customers (biographical). And the one thing that drives all of this is content. Whether it’s autobiographical like the company’s website, white paper, or case study, or biographical from customers such as tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos, or user reviews, content defines who a company is, what it does, how it operates, and who its customers are, and most importantly what customers think of the company. And it’s open for everyone to read.

Just like getting a good idea about who a person is/was by reading their memoirs, you can do the same for a company by searching the web. The one major difference: a company’s digital memoir is being written and re-written everyday making the case that content in all its forms ultimately defines a company’s brand.

Can you get any more important than that?