How to become and remain a favorite

How does one become a favorite?

Whether you’re an individual or a business, the answer almost always points to content.  A steady stream of quality content that provides answers to questions the audience has, as well as to those questions they have yet to even pose.

Remember when we would bookmark websites as favorites.  Websites that we may go back to from time to time. This was when brands ruled as influencers, and their website was ready and willing to take on visitors, and we would visit in droves.  Today, that’s not necessarily the case. Today the content comes right to us and influencer status has shifted away from simply having brand recognition.  People expect more. We want answers. We want the truth.

What does this mean for marketers?

It means that if you aren’t supplying a steady flow of quality content to the market, you’ll either lose your influencer status, or never become one in the first place.  So stop trying to think of the next big marketing idea that will yield an immediate influx of business…in this day and age, it almost never happens, and if it does, it’s short-lived at best.

Instead, start creating content based on what your audience needs and keep it flowing. That big influx of business will come overtime, as long as you earn and keep your ability to influence.