Lessons from a 6th grade assignment

Each week my 11 year daughter has to write a paragraph on a topic provided by the teacher. This week her topic was “silence” and the assignment was to include the use of similes in her writing. How does she define silence? What does silence mean to her? What is it “like”?

What a great exercise for not only a 6th grader, but for each and every one of us, especially marketers. Some may equate this sort of assignment as blogging, and in many cases, it is. It provides a means for us to freestyle, to write whatever pops in our heads, to expand on points and think through ideas, concepts, and proof points to the opinions we have.

It can be a powerful tool for marketers as a creative outlet, providing alternative ways of looking at things. Perhaps marketing departments, no companies, could deploy the same assignment to employees. Don’t ask a question, or pose an opinion or strategy to expound on. Simply provide the word.

Allow employees from sales, marketing, IT, any department to share their definitions, provide their perspective. It may prove to be a valuable exercise in developing new messaging, products, strategies, while providing employees with a way to express their creativity.

And we could all use some of that every day.