The best last minute “little wins” are the ones we never see coming

My family and I more than occasionally do things last minute. Maybe it’s a bit of “procrastinature”.  Most of the time it’s because other things come up that take over our priorities, pushing others to the last minute.  But is “the last minute” really a bad thing?

  • Sometimes all that matters in sports is how teams execute in the last minute.
  • For me, the best part of a close basketball game is the last minute.
  • Travel plans? You can find all kinds of advertising for last minute escapes.
  • The best holiday shopping deals might be reserved for those that wait for the last minute.
  • Companies even focus on promotions the last minute to make their number, hit their goals.
  • News is all about the last minute….every news channel has a ticker these days. Every website touts up to the minute news.

But, when it comes to marketing and leadership, sometimes those projects that are last minute are some of the most rewarding.  Opportunities arise with teammates, customers, partners, co-workers, etc. that are just too good to refuse.  They almost always pose an opportunity for one of those “little wins”.  They tend to rally a team of people with the goal of making it happen. They almost always have direct metrics associated with them, so they are easy to measure.  We can learn a lot in that last minute, and apply those findings from the “little wins” into more strategic long term plans.

Sometimes we as marketers or leaders do our best work in the last minute, just don’t get into a habit of making everything last minute…then the element of surprise is gone, you’re stressed out, and you lose track of the big picture.

The best last minute “little wins” are the ones we never see coming.