Using metrics to be more creative

I have to admit, as much as I like to get my creative juices flowing, I have the same hunger for numbers.  Maybe it’s the geek in me that wants to understand the buyer. What content they consume, when, and for what reason.

One of my first posts was about the buying cycle and how content should target the right buyer at each stage of the cycle, ultimately leading them down the path to purchase. The challenge becomes how do we measure this?

The problem with metrics like content downloads or views is that they don’t really get into the mind of the buyer.  They don’t tell me if the content took them down the path. If it addressed their pain.  Sure it says, the content is being utilized, but is is accomplishing its ultimate goal related to the stages of the buying process?


That’s the dilemma we’re in. How do we know how effective content is across all market segments, buyers and personas, across all stages of the buying process? In other words, how do we create SMART metrics for our buyer’s journey?

One of the best takes on metrics is Chris Brogan’s, “The distance between metrics and analytics is the difference between statistics and intent.”  Understanding your buyers is the ultimate measure of success.

So I am off, doing what I can to understand our buyers and satisfy both my creative and analytical sides.