Tech Buyers Love Their Peers

A 2011 study by Harte Hanks (c/o Tom Pisello The ROI Guy) indicated that technology buyers rely most on peers when it comes to awareness of new technology.

Peers & Colleagues ranked #1 in terms of awareness with 70% of respondents relying on such communication to gather information. The question being, how are they conducting such communication? According to the same report, it’s not social media. Social media and blogs rank close to the bottom with only 7% and 16% respectively of respondents indicating they rely on them for awareness of new technology.

The top 5:

  • Peers & Colleagues 70%
  • Magazines & Trade Journals 57%
  • Review Websites 46%
  • Search Engines 45%
  • Events & Trade shows 45%

I bet this top 5 list is the same 10 years from now.