Why Corporate Blogs are for Prospects and Customers

the fuel: streamlining content creation and delivery while integrating marketing and support.

I am in the middle of a mind dump attempting to create the case for why companies  should embrace blogs as the standard means for creating content.

Today, many marketers rely heavily on creating content whether it’s white papers, case studies, etc. in pdf format, posting it to the web, marketing it and hoping it is consumed. This process is not only time consuming, it can be expensive and it prohibits the need to respond quickly to customer needs, market dynamics, or competitive positions. It just takes too long in this digital age. My contention is even if it takes only a week or two to create, post, and communicate, it’s too long.

Blogging, on the other hand, is instantaneous. It allows marketing to create content on the fly and enables customers immediate access to much needed information. In addition, we live in a social world where customers have the power to influence the marketplace, blogging is a natural aspect of social media and social interaction with customers new and existing.

Speaking of customers, new and existing…many websites today are silo’d commonly separating marketing from support. Marketing driven pages are geared to driving new sales from largely new customers, while the support pages are geared to post sale and serving existing customers. What I suggest is a merging of the two to create a more positive user experience regardless of where a customer sits in the buying process.

The beauty of blogs, in addition to the cost and time benefit, is that they are limitless in terms of topics or categories.  Of course, we need some level of organization when it comes to categorizing posts, sticking to categories that address what customers may be asking for. Maybe it’s product comparisons, or reviews. Maybe it’s how to guides, or manuals. Categorizing blogs by content type not only helps organize it, it also makes it easier for the customer to source information most important to them.

So here is where I sit with the plan thus far…

Problem Statement: Given existing content strategies, the dependency on the process to create, post, communicate and maintain pdf content on websites limits companies’ ability to quickly support the customer and market products effectively.

What we need…

  • Time:  we need to move faster
  • Design: we need the flexibility to improvise
  • Bandwidth: we need to be able to do more
  • Budget: we need to maximize our dollars
  • Scale: we need to better integrate with social media

What blogs deliver…

  • Time:  Blogs are instantaneous
  • Design: Blogs are customizable
  • Bandwidth: Blogs are simple to manage
  • Budget: Blogs are free
  • Scale: Blogs are inherently social

If we are to move as fast as the market, and as fast as our customers and buyers, this seems to be a given. Time to publish should be a metric we all rally around.